Prozyn BioSolutions: specialist in healthy and safe solutions for food production

Current trends in the food market have been marked by health and nutrition. Consumers are more aware of label information, concerned about what they are consuming, and so the chemical additives have become real villains for the food industry.

Prozyn BioSolutions provides solutions for its customers that meet the market demands. Our technical team works on the development of innovative biosolutions based on enzymes and other natural compounds that can replace a variety of chemical additives.

Enzymes are composed of polypeptide chains and are naturally present in living beings with specific functions. Because of this, they act as biological products and are not considered a health hazard.

In the food industry, they may be considered as technology adjuvants. In other words, they are compounds applied during the processing of the product for a particular purpose, but which are not present or are in very low amounts (traces) in the final product. Because of this, they often do not need to be declared on the labels and they become a natural option to allow the production of clean labels. This point may vary from country to country, depending on its regulation.

Bakery products

For bakery products, enzymes replace chemical additives that play a role during the processing or their shelf life, such as emulsifiers and preservatives. They provide greater competitiveness to the industry, greater quality to the final product and safety to the consumers. Additionally, they allow the reduction of fat and sugar addition, without loss of quality, and longer shelf life, promoting softness and freshness.

Dairy industry

In the dairy industry, enzymes also allow the reduction of added sugar. Besides this, other natural ingredients can improve sensory characteristics of the final product, replacing chemical additives currently applied. For example, hydrolyzed natural fibers may be used to play the role of stabilizers in yoghurts, promoting greater safety to the consumers.

For the beverage segment, enzymes improve process performance and characteristics of quality. Additionally, they are sustainable options, since they allow the reduction of water consumption, for example. In brewery, they promote the formation of creamier foam, clear liquid and longer shelf life. For this type of product, other natural ingredients also may be used, for foam stabilization, for example.

Beverage segment

These are some examples of application of natural compounds in food, but there are other countless possibilities. The best solutions for each client and for each type of process is quite evaluated and defined by our experienced technical team.