Prozyn Biosolutions is a leading company specialized in enzymes and other natural ingredients.
We develop value solutions based on customer needs, such as reduction of costs, process improvement, increasing
quality and innovation.

Our Mission

Contribute to our customer’s success providing valuable solutions based on enzymes and other natural ingredients.

Our Vision

The recognition as the innovation leader in solutions that improves the quality of life in our planet.

Our Commitment

  • To create value to our customers
  • To develop our people’s skills and competences
  • To invest continuously in technology and innovation
  • Highest standard of quality
  • To improve the quality of life in the planet

Our Values


    We respect everyone, live in harmony and accept individual and cultural differences (political, economic, social, of race, nationality, gender, age, religion and sexual orientation).


    We are skilled professionals, with experience in the industry, carrying out our duties effectively and meeting all pre-established deadlines.


    We encourage our employees to be creative, to suggest new ideas and alternatives that add knowledge and can bring benefits to Prozyn and our customers and partners.


    We are fully committed to our ideals and to the success of our customers and partners. We will continue in the search for great results and in the continuous improvement of processes.


    We promote teamwork and foster integration between the departments of the Company, always aiming for the continuous improvement of the work environment.


    We want our communications to be clear, collaborative and objective, hence encouraging the participation and freedom of expression, and opinion.